Simple Reasons Viral Videos Won’t Trump SEO

There are a lot of companies that are trying their hardest to create the next viral sensation. That’s not a bad thing, because if you were to go viral with any of your video marketing options, you could see an influx of interest in your business that is unequivocal to a lot of other options. There is a downside to this, and it’s something that most companies don’t want to discuss. Viral videos are great, but when it comes to internet marketing, they pale in comparison to the power and reach of search engine optimization. That’s right, SEO could reach farther than these, and it’s compelling to see how it all pans out.

For those that aren’t sure that this is true, all you need to do is list the viral videos from the past and see where their stars are at today. Most of them are long gone and forgotten, doing nothing worthwhile or possibly trying to chase that former glory one more time. Hitting 2 videos in a row that are as popular as the first is hard to nearly impossible. Some artists can do it, but the majority of small businesses that keep going to the well, don’t ever strike gold.

The Fleeting Process of Getting Famous

seoThe process of getting to a point where you go viral is not difficult, at first glance.  You create compelling content and the masses follow, like, and promote your efforts in droves. Then mainstream media gets a hold of it, and your numbers rise into 7 digits and beyond. For some, that means ad revenue goes through the roof, but if you look at the latest algorithm in terms of ads, it’s abysmal. You may get one million views, but you will only make a few cents here and there from ad placements. Suffice to say this is not a good monetization strategy.

Despite the poorly placed monetization structure, you could still gain traffic, and that could arrive in the millions. Let’s assume that your video did go viral and you are seeing huge gains in terms of traffic, your website had better be ready to take on the load of visitors that are coming straight at it. Some sites crash because of the bandwidth they have is not exactly the highest. Sure, some webhosts promise unlimited data transfer, but when you cripple the server, it will crash.

How Long Do The Hits Last?

Assuming you score a hit with your marketing video, and you see the hits rising exponentially, how long will that last? Could it last nearly as long as SEO? The answer is no. After the deluge of initial traffic, people grow board with this form of entertainment and end up leaving it for something else. Some videos can strike big for a day, even a week, but for months and even years? That’s unheard of, and only very limited video concepts even reach that far, and once a parody or something else strikes, it’s all over.

Compared to search engine optimization, video marketing is a poor strategy. It’s not one to stop working on, but it’s definitely something that you don’t want to spend all your time or money with. You will want to work on optimization for one simple reason; it lasts.

The lasting effects of professional SEO services can give you organic traffic for months on end. Even if you only had professionals working on it for a few months, the echoes of the traffic moves forward beyond your initial internet marketing push. That’s something that video does not do at all. You could use video, social media, and other forms of internet marketing to gain a measure of success, but if you want long term engagement, your best bet is SEO.

Even The Professional SEO Can Be Wrong About Search Engine Placement

When it comes down to internet marketing in 2014, you will find that a lot of mistakes can be made. It is true that the world of internet marketing was once a simple and easy thing to traverse, and many people will testify to the ease at which many companies found themselves getting a bit of leverage moving forward. However, today you are not going to find yourself landing on the top of spot of any search engine with ease at all. You will find that there are complications afoot and some of which will cause you to lose a lot of steam as much as you will gain it. You’re going to find yourself trapped within a few walls if you end up chasing leverage the same way others have in the past. In fact, even the Professional SEO in the world will find that today’s landscape is a lot harder than ever before. That’s evidenced by the number of sites have hit the penalty box of search engines.

The Penalties Abound In Great Numbers

Professional SEOIn the past, if you weren’t doing well within the world of SEO, you wouldn’t have to worry too much. You would find that there would be consequences, but they would be limited to several instances and not something complicated at all. However, that same protocol today will cause you to lose focus and even end up in the bottom of listings if not completely delisted. There are some pages that have been hit hard with the search engine penalties to the point that there is no return at all. Some sites are so down in the dumps in regards to marketing that they are forever lost in the midst of other sites.

This has happened in the past with some sites getting hit hard, but because of page rank and backlink generation, they didn’t have to worry. If your site doesn’t have an influx of natural engagement, or a built in following of people that purposely go to your site’s main domain name, you are missing out on something spectacular. It’s important to understand that this is something that you cannot really run to or from, you have to deal with it. For the sake of longevity, you will need to work on several elements of marketing if you want to get anywhere for the long term. Avoiding penalties can be done, but it’s not easy.

The Slow Track of Optimization

When you look at hiring the Professional SEO you can find, you will notice that they will not use haste. There will be no real expedited options and they will end up dropping out of the elements overall. The problem with the slow side of things is that it doesn’t give way to the immediate satisfaction that some people demand from internet protocol and features. If you are used to getting immediate satisfaction in regards to your tech work, you will not like the latest push forward within optimization circles. The problems associated with speeding through areas is that you end up losing out on the real elements of design and marketing. If you’re running to the finish line, you sprint ahead of the elements that search engines are looking for in regards to relevant listings.

There’s no way to expedite your rank to the top of the marketing world. There are some companies that will promise to get you to the number one place in any niche, but it’s a long hard road to get there now. This has become especially difficult in recent months with the update to Google’s Panda yet again. This update focused on “thin” content and has hit a lot of sites hard. If you have a website that had any sort of leverage in the wrong direction, you got hit hard. The content that you are now going to have to publish has to be lengthy, dense, and worth reading through the lens of search engines.

The Ongoing Processes

There is an evolutionary world that is afoot in regards to SEO. You will find that internet marketing protocol of this magnitude is something that is going to take some time to fully understand, and that begins to build up through the changes that are looming. In order to fully understand the pieces that are needed to gain leverage, you will need to hire a professional that can decipher the hieroglyphics that search engines are publishing right now. You will find that the algorithm changes but you will not get any protocol to follow.

In order to ensure that your site gets a great deal of influence in your niche, you will need to look at hiring the right people to help you. You will not be able to do it on your own, even though there are a lot of marketing gurus that think they can do it all alone. The reason why DIY doesn’t seem to work most of the time is because it requires a great deal of time overall. If you don’t have a lot of time to invest in your marketing collateral, you are going to end up losing in time. It takes time, and there’s no substitute for that.